Mythology/Hero’s Journey resources

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There are so many great online resources. Here is a small list:

“Mythology” prezi

“The Hero’s Journey” prezi

“Pandora’s Box” (only need to read the first six paragraphs for what was covered in class)

“Myths from Around the World” explore various global myths from Scholastic Inc.

“Romeo and Juliet” summary video What does this have to do with mythology? Well, try to find the parallels between Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Ovid’s “Pyramus and Thisbe.”

“The Age of Fable: Or Beauties of Mythology” a compendium of nearly all Western mythologies and famous legends by Thomas Bulfinch (at

An overview of the Greek gods of myth, the main players, from Apollo to Zeus, what they do, and how they all fit together. infografía:
Created by Matthew Barrett (retrieved from

8 thoughts on “Mythology/Hero’s Journey resources

  1. Katherine Marroquin, Milena Herrera, Sara Rodriguez y Andrea Araujo

    #16 10° a ATHENA
    #9 10°A HERA
    #8 10°A POSEIDON

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