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My name is Caleb, and I teach sixth grade language arts just outside of Kansas City. The idea for this blog started primarily as a resource for my students when I was teaching in El Salvador–I’d post assignments and resources. But like most personal projects, this one has morphed over time. I hope to expand my writing and reach, focusing still on my passions and areas of expertise (okay, perhaps “expert” is a bit of a stretch). Thus, on this site you will find posts and resources in regards to

  1. Books (literature in general, including poetry)
  2. Teaching (especially resources for teaching literature)
  3. Travel
  4. Faith
  5. Etc.



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Finally, in regards to faith, I write from a distinctly Christian worldview. With that said, I am respectful of all faith traditions. I believe in the value of inter-religious dialogue and the dignity of every human being. Occasionally, I will post more explicitly from a perspective of faith. Ultimately what that means is–more than isolating myself or others from the world around them by creating a Christian bubble–I want to collaborate with cultural artifacts in such a way that we understand how our own beliefs shape art and, subsequently, how art shapes us.

Also about me: I like coffee (and tea). I like fall. I like the outdoors. I like peanut butter. My beautiful fiancee is from El Salvador (we’re working on the visa process now). Por lo tanto yo hablo un poco español.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me. 🙂